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Drop-in Space

Our drop-in space is located upstairs at a local wellness centre and open every day between 4 and 7pm. APTBY is a safe place where visitors can be themselves free from judgment and discrimination and learn about different identities that exist in Khmer (the Cambodian language). We encourage visitors to respect each other’s pronouns and also discourage the use of offensive and threatening language often used flippantly in the street. Visitors can learn from each other and our staff and access relevant information and resources whilst playing games, doing puzzles, utilising the free Wi-Fi, listening to music or just chilling!

Resource Centre

APTBY is a hub for all things LGBTIQ+ in Siem Reap, Cambodia, bringing together information and resources from all over Cambodia about LGBTIQ+ life, healthcare and rights. In our resource centre you can find LGBTIQ+ novels written in Khmer, a variety of studies and reports that relate to the local LGBTIQ+ community; coffee-table style photo books featuring Khmer LGBTIQ+ individuals and their stories; Cambodia-specific gay guides; information about other LGBTIQ+ focused NGOs, and more! We have a range of information about sexual health, free condoms and can provide referrals to vetted local clinics for discrimination-free STI testing and free HIV testing / treatment / counselling. We also have our own experienced counsellor on board available for both formal and informal sessions.


We have developed a 2-hour workshop on Gender and Sexuality that is delivered in both Khmer and English (as some of the content translates better in English). It explores the different identities of our chosen 'LGBTIQ+' acronym; the history of LGBTIQ+ people in Cambodia (spanning nearly 800 years); the difference between gender, sexuality and sex; pronouns and how to speak respectfully about and to LGBTIQ+ individuals; and cross cultural gender expectations and stereotypes. We also explore the idea that our actions are not always indicative of our identity. Our workshops have thus far been delivered to various other NGOs, hotels, universities and businesses.

Community Engagement

We hold a variety of events at our space to increase visibility, raise awareness and foster support for the local LGBTIQ+ community. We have hosted community yoga sessions, art therapy sessions, LGBTIQ+ themed movie nights, community meetings and an open day with a "Dress the Genderqueer Mannequin" competition. Our weekly schedule includes free English lessons, art and music sessions, live online chats to engage and educate the wider community (and also those who are not confident enough to visit in person) and more general chill sessions. We have hosted a variety of informal sessions with other NGOs and even had a special performance by queer Khmer singer/songwriter, Sam Rocker! Our local fundraisers aim to promote safe sex and also raise awareness in a fun and informative way.